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Fidelity’s Total Loyalty ...

is a database driven customer relationship management system developed for retail, hospitality, leisure or similar applications where there is a need to capture information about customers. Total Loyalty enables the smaller operator to compete on equal terms with the majors and attract business for them. The system can use magnetic cards, bar coded cards, smart cards or other methods to capture the information on the customer when the card is swiped at the point of sale or entry.

Customer Database ...

The customer’s details from the application or membership forms are entered into the database to for the base customer records.

Over time with every swipe of the membership card a profile of the customer is built showing details such as frequency of visits, purchasing habits, spending patterns, preferences, specific days of the week visits are made and much more.

From this information, specific promotions and marketing programmes can be developed to attract new additional customers, get existing customers to visit more often, spend more when they visit and much more.

Unlimited Schemes

An unlimited number of points schemes can be set up to cater for different groups of customers.

Typical schemes might be:

All of these would give different levels of benefit to different types of member. Higher status and higher benefit cards being awarded to those customers who are very frequent high spending customers.

Powerful Reporting

A standard set of reports are included, but the users can produce reports specific to their needs and use of the system.

Reports include members by most transactions, current points balances, members listed by scheme, least used cards, weekly trading report and more. Reports can be viewed on the screen, printed or e-mailed.

Automatic Letter Generation

Total Loyalty has 30 standard letters built up in to the system, which can be used and adapted for the types of promotion you may wish to run.

Examples are a letter for all customers with a birthday next week / month offering an incentive for them to visit, letters for themes or events sent to customers who have shown an interest in the theme, welcome letter sent out with the card. There is no limit on the number of letters stored on the system. Automatic mail merge also prints names and addresses on envelopes or sends the letter by e-mail if required. Microsoft word is used for the letter generation and mailing.

Key Features