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Security Tagging Systems ...

We will shortly be introducing a range of security tagging systems and products. For further information please contact us at the showroom.

XS Supra dual antenna system for hard tag or adhesive label. An additional atenna may be added for wider doorways. Covers up to 1.9m. Works at 8.2, 4.8, 3.25 Mhz also capable of dual frequency operation which can include 1.95Mhz.




A 60mm conical tag suitable for all RF systems, high detection rates on wide aisles.



A dual function tag, with coil & lock one side and ink on the other. Suitable for all RF systems, for general purpose use.




Super high performance 30mm conical tag, suitable for all RF systems. Performance of a much larger tag, for general purpose.


Disposable adhesive label measuring approximately 50mm square. Works with 8.2Mhz RF system. 200 labels per pack



For a qoute on any of these products please contact the showroom. We can also visit local businesses for a site survey.