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American Video Equipment's Video Serial Interface (or VSI+) products allow transaction data from cash registers to be displayed on top of the normal video picture.

Cash register interface applications are an excellent method for controlling theft and fraud in any retail or hospitality envoironment and are gaining widespread use in the security industry.

Once a transaction is started, data is generated and sent to the VSI+ from the cash register. The VSI+ overlays this data on top of the normal camera picture and also sends a signal that activates the time-lapse VCR recorder.

This provides two benefits.

With the powerful programming capabilities of the VSI+ Exception Report, it is possible to program the VSI+ to alarm(or trigger recording) for what the store owner considers exceptional events, such as any transaction over £20.00.

The owner can program the VSI+ to alarm when an Exception falls either within or outside of a certain range. The parameters of a range can be Greater Than, Less Than, Equal to, within the range of two numbers, or outside of that range, creating VCR recording that is triggered by only certain high risk exceptional and questionable events.